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5 reasons why it is important to seek a second opinion (or more) for your breast cancer care

Multiple treatment options exist for breast cancer.
There is no medical consensus on the best way to treat breast cancer.
Different physicians specialize in different ways to treat breast cancer.
Each treatment option has its advantages and disadvantages.
Your first treatment selection gives you the best chance of curing your breast cancer. Therefore, you should consider the appropriate path based on the specific cancer characteristics and your lifestyle.

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Getting multiple opinions after a breast cancer diagnosis is very important. A second opinion can confirm the diagnosis or allow you to discover other overlooked possibilities. It is also important to get multiple perspectives on the available treatment options.

You should certainly trust the expertise of your doctor, but second opinions are a common and a widely supported practice in medicine. Doctors understand that patients who seek a second opinion are not questioning the doctor’s expertise, as different viewpoints can provide the patient with valuable information and help ensure the best possible treatment for the condition.

Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer is hard,
But getting a second opinion to select the best treatment option can be easy

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At the very least, it is recommended to consult with a Medical Oncologist, Surgeon, and Radiation Oncologist.

Our team of Breast Cancer Experts and Nurse Practitioners can provide general breast cancer information and can help answer questions specific to your diagnosis.

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The earlier breast cancer is caught,
the better chance a woman has of BEATING it.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, a physician may perform other tests to determine the best treatment option based on:

  • How quickly the breast cancer may grow.
  • How likely it is that the breast cancer will spread through the body.
  • How well certain treatments might work.
  • How likely the breast cancer is to recur (come back).